Professional Leadership Coach &                       Strategic OD Consultant

Sam Talucci is a Facilitator, Educator, Systems Consultant, Leadership Coach and Entrepreneur whose personal and professional mission is to help individuals and groups identify the patterns that exist in their relationships. He believes this pattern-knowledge key allows clients to examine their current behaviors, make informed choices and move closer to realizing their purpose and/or vision.

Executives, line managers, project managers and individual contributors benefit from Sam’s ability to work with all the members of a group and the skillful way he brings them to focus on the target. Clients report a deep respect for his capacity to connect the theoretical with the practical and how he coaches them to put their newly acquired awareness into use everyday.

Sam honed his skills over the past 30 years in various arenas: as an entrepreneur developing small and mid-size businesses both in the United States and internationally; as an Applied Behavioral Science practitioner serving as a group facilitator, trainer, and Leadership Coach (PCC accreditation from ICF); as a facilitator engaging with the group where they are today and providing skills and insights that allow the group members to increase their capacity to listen and collaborate with each other in the future; and as a trainer identifying and combining the learning limits of his students with his nuts and bolts understanding of the subject. He is always inviting and encouraging them to experiment, discover and increase their capacity. Sam is also an educator serving as a Senior Instructor for the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS).

Sam connects his practical knowledge of leadership and leadership development with  an equal depth of academic research he holds a MA in Applied Behavioral Science from LIOS (Leadership Institute of Seattle) Bastyr University and a Doctor of Management from University of Hertfordshire.

Sam pursues his growth in leadership development while on expeditions with U.S. Navy officers, in countless corporate boardrooms and through his lifelong pursuit of learning—whether he is sitting in a class or standing on a mountain peak.

"Sam is a diligent, insightful and practical goal oriented consultant. He creates a process for the client to achieve their goals because of his real world experience as a business owner and as a consultant"