Group Leadership and Facilitation Workshop

A Complexity Approach

This delivery is a partnership between Sam Talucci of Talucci Consulting Group, guest faculty from Saybrook University and guest academics who also work as supervisors on the DMan programme (Doctor of Management) at University of Hertfordshire.                  

The format:

  • 2 ¼ day Workshop
  • Location: Seattle, WA
  • Dates: 6/15-17
  • Cost: $1,000  

Description: The Group Leadership and Facilitation is designed to help you recognize how understanding human patterning is: the due diligence of change in organizations and leadership development. This is a week-end long learning workshop lasting 2 ¼ days. Faculty and participants work together as a learning community, participating together in their enquiries, in a way which reflects an understanding of organizational life as fundamentally conversational in nature.  Throughout the conference you will work at increasing your capacity to think, to reflect, and to be reflexive. Working in the domains of language, body, and emotion, and realizing their interconnectedness, you will gain an understanding of personal transformation and how to apply this in a leadership relationship.

This training is designed for leaders, managers, internal and external consultants, internal and external coaches in organizations who want to articulate what is being ignored in the dominant theoretical approaches to organizational life. Orthodox management literature stresses the predictable and rational aspects of managing, while participating in this conference you will be encouraged to pay attention to the ways in which leaders and managers are required continuously to act into the unknown.

At the end of the conference, you will be able to identify the context of leading as a constant organizational intervention. Understand the dynamics of leader/follower as an ongoing social, emergent, iterative process where participants emerge in different roles based on their interactions. You will also assemble a toolkit and come to recognize the patterns, what they mean for you, how you can work with your direct reports and key stake holders to develop their ongoing pattern awareness. The emphasis is on practice-based learning.

Key outcomes include:

  • Reflect upon and make sense of your personal experience of change and continuity in organizations and how you and your colleagues are acting simultaneously into the unfolding organizational life.
  • Develop your understanding of group dynamics, power relations and their underpinning ideologies and role formation in organizations.
  • Explore the consequences of uncertainty and not knowing in organizations.
  • Develop insight into the nature and cause of anxiety in organizations and the nature of relationships that might help people to live with it.

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Professor of Management, Ralph Stacey is the founder of the DMan programme in the Business School at University of Hertfordshire. Offers another way of thinking about paradox, complexity and organizational life and how we might take our experience seriously in organizations.

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